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Psychiatry Abuse In United States Likened To Soviet Regime

Update Date: Feb 24, 2017 08:30 AM EST

The use of psychiatry to silence political opposition was seen as an abuse tactic in the Soviet regime according to an acclaimed Soveitologist. Now, it is reported that a similar practice is being implemented in the United States.

Psychiatry abuse in the Soviet regime is based on a concept that citizens who oppose the government were mentally ill according to renowned Sovietologist Robert can Voren. He said that in USSR there was no logical explanation why would anyone oppose the 'best socio-political system in the world."

In 1950s to 1980s, thousands of nonconformists were incarcerated in mental hospitals. The communist government was reported to have destroyed its critics physically and mentally without trial. Political rebels were labelled as mentally ill.

According to a report published by Canada Free Press, Soviet psychiatrists fabricated a disease called sluggish schizophrenia with symptoms such as delusional rejection, depression, obsessive criticism of the government, paranoid thoughts of being watched by KGB and pessimism. They were not considered psychotic, and they even have families and productive careers.

In the United States, there are two online petitions to remove Donald Trump from the presidency because of psychiatric and personality disorders. One petition filed by Dr Lance M. Dodes states that the president's speech and actions demonstrate the inability to tolerate other views which lead to rage reactions. The petition was reported to be signed by 35 medical professionals who have never seen Trump in person.

Psychiatrist Allen Frances called on his colleagues describing them as amateur diagnosticians and disregarding professional ethics. Frances said that Trump may be a narcissist but that does not make him mentally ill. He added that it is an insult to the people with mental illness, who are behaved and well meaning, to be likened to Trump, who is neither as well. In his blog, Frances resents Trump as much as the anti-Trump does. However, he calls that opposition must base their criticism on politics, not psychiatry.

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