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Athletes Prone To Alcohol, Drug Addiction, Here’s Why

Update Date: Feb 27, 2017 07:50 AM EST

Kids are often sent to join sports to keep them out of trouble. However, new research revealed that athletes are more prone to alcohol and drug addiction.

According to Laurie de Grace, a faculty of Physical Education at University of Alberta, there is evidence there is a strong relationship between alcohol and sports. In the addiction recovery center, de Grace interviewed former athletes and learned that many were introduced to alcohol and drugs as part of their sport's culture. Athletes seem to start drinking and using marijuana as a team activity, de Grace said.

Athletes who have risk factors like family history are more prone to alcohol and drug addiction. Kids with family suffering from mental illness and low self-esteem are also on the list.

Athletes who are also highly competitive are more prone to alcohol and drug addiction according to de Grace's masteral research. One athlete wants to be the best at every sport that she is in. However, when she lost her sport, she wanted to be the best heroin addict in town. "The competitiveness just couldn't be controlled," de Grace said.

Former NHL player, Brantt Myhres, also said agreed with the result of the research that athletes are prone to alcohol and drug addiction. He said that he was in his teens when he discovered alcohol. After their hockey practice, it was almost mandatory for the team to go to the bar.

Myhres admitted that addiction was also common in his family. At 16 years old, he already started drinking alcohol. He started using drugs when his salary increased. He recalls sitting at a glass table with cocaine as early as nine in the morning. He was banned from NHL in 2006 after three suspensions due to alcohol and drug addiction related incidents.

Research result found that hockey enforces are more prone to alcohol and drug addiction. Good thing for Myhres, he is back as a player-counsellor for the Los Angeles Kings after being sober for the last nine years.

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