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Relationship Experts' Advice On What Makes A Happy Relationship

Update Date: Feb 25, 2017 08:10 AM EST

Friendship between couples is what makes a happy relationship according to experts. Partners who believe they are friends tend to be more in love, have better sex lives and are more dedicated to each other.

A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships looked into 184 people who were in a relationship for 16 months or more. They were asked to put value on certain things about their relationship like companionship, experiences, friendship, security and sex.

The participants who rated companionship and friendship as the most important, they also got high results for love and sexual happiness. A happy relationship has a lot of factor to consider. However, being able to talk to and laugh with your partner are on the top of the list.

Another study conducted at Purdue University looked into 190 students who were in a relationship for an average of 18 months. They filled out survey to evaluate how dedicated they were in their relationship. Four months after, researchers found out that 27 percent were no longer in their relationship. Those who were still together have scored high in friendship, love, romantic commitment and sexual satisfaction.

On the other hand, Essence reports that there several signs to know if one is in a happy relationship. When both parties can express themselves freely and honestly with no off-limit topics, then that relationship is bound to last longer.

If couples are not fighting, chances are they are holding back something. However, fight should be productive and fair. No name-calling or put downs. Fighting should be a result of trying to understand the partner, not to score points against each other.

Healthy relationship is also full of laughter and fun, though it does not mean one feels giddy every hour while thinking about the other. Attraction is an important element in a relationship. However, it is friendship that makes a happy relationship.

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