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Relationship Expert’s Advice: Stay Away From Gaslighter People

Update Date: Feb 17, 2017 09:07 AM EST

Gaslighters are known to emotionally manipulate, traumatize and exploit other people. That is the reason why experts advise everyone to stay away from this kind of relationship.

The term gaslighting originated from a film in 1944 where a husband tries to convince his wife that she is insane. He caused her to question herself and her reality tremendously.

Gaslighters persistently manipulate and brainwash their victims so that they will doubt themselves and will eventually lose their own sense of perception, identity and self-worth. Gaslighting statements can be accusations or exaggerations of the truth.

According to the Preston Ni, professor and private coach, subtle gaslightning is seen in some relationship. The victim is subjected to unreasonable scrutiny, judgment and micro-aggression. Meanwhile, it its pathological form, there is a severe form of mind control and psychological abuse.

In personal relationships, gaslighting happens in various forms like, verbal, emotional or physical hostility from the other partner. In a workplace, a supervisor may regularly and unfairly berates his employees. At worst, a nation can be a victim of gaslighting when a commercial advertising agency or a public figure makes announcements or claims that are contrary to the good of the society.

Gaslighting are always malicious. Several studies have proven the destructive impact of this kind of manipulation.

In a book titled "How To Successfully Handle Gaslighter," the aggressor often remind the other person of his flaws. Sometimes they result to name calling which makes the other person in a relationship feel anxious and less confident. After a time, victims begin to think and feel negatively about their personality.

However, in spite of the bad treatment, they still seek the acceptance, approval and validation of the gaslighter. As expected, gaslighters rarely, if at all, admit flaws. They become very aggressive when their shortcomings are exposed.

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