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Physical Pain May Be Linked To Negative Emotions

Update Date: Feb 16, 2017 08:40 AM EST

Physical pain may be a manifestation of a negative thought or feeling. The body is believed to release various different chemicals based on the mood or feelings the person has at a specific time. It can be a feel good chemical from being a happy or stress hormones from anxiety.

The perspective is that pain is not rooted in the physical, but rather due to negative emotional or mental cause. Dr. John E. Sarno, a professor of rehabilitation medicine at New York University School of Medicine, calls the process tension myoneural syndrome (TMS). He believes that dark, unexpressed feelings also cause chronic tension which can result to physical pain.

Sarno discovered TMS when he was examining a woman patient who was bedridden due to severe pain. Under psychoanalysis, the woman revealed being molested by her father. She went into an emotional melt down. However, after a few minutes of crying, the pain the woman has been carrying for years disappeared. Sarno saw that chronic pain as a kind of protective mechanism or a distraction from feelings people are not ready to face.

According to Centripetal Force Studio, there are mental thought patterns that also affect pain areas in the body. The direct influence of the mind on the body may not be readily apparent, but when a person has a positive mind set or attitude and outlook, he is better able to resolve internal problems and can enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Negative emotions or thoughts can end up in an unhealthy lifestyle for the person. Every emotion or experience gets stored in the cell memory of a person's body.

In a report by Centers for Disease Control, 91 Americans die from opioid overdose. Some of these might have started from prescriptions for pain which later resulted to addiction. Experts following Sarno's treatment regimen believes that the source of pain is those unwanted, negative emotions.

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