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Forever Young? Study Suggests Eating Less To Slow Down Aging

Update Date: Feb 14, 2017 07:46 PM EST

Besides personal vanity, people are seeking different ways to achieve personal wellness. In the cosmetic industry, besides products targeting the enhancement and/or concealment of a person's physical appearance, it also tackles the issue of aging.

As most people want to slow down and age gracefully, scientists and researchers have continuously strived to understand the mechanisms of aging and develop appropriate products and treatments to slow down aging. A recent study has suggested that eating less slows down aging.

The study, published in the journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, investigated the cellular mechanisms of aging. Conducted by the researchers from Brigham Young University, the study found that reduced consumption of calorie slows down the cellular process affecting aging and thus contributing to a longer lifespan.

In order to fully understand the cellular mechanisms involved with the aging process, the researchers experimented on two groups of mice. One group of mice was fed a normal diet while another group of mice was fed a diet with 35 percent fewer calories. The mice fed with fewer calories were given enough sustenance and nutrients to survive.

The researchers found that as the number of calories consumed was reduced, there was an increase in lifespan. The study explains that this condition is due in part to the role of ribosomes in the cellular process.

The ribosome is an organelle which functions as the site of the protein synthesis in cells. The study found that when the function of ribosomes slows down, so does the aging process. This is because as the production of protein slows down, the ribosomes are given time to repair themselves. Ribosomes use at least 10 to 20 percent of the total energy of the cell in protein production. When the ribosomes start to malfunction, it is impractical to replace.

So instead of replacing the whole ribosomes, individual parts of the organelle repair itself and thus prolonging the ability of the ribosomes to produce high-quality proteins needed by the body.

However, the results of the study are only applicable to mice as there are no studies yet investigating the effect of the reduction of calorie consumption in regards to aging. But the study does emphasize that when it comes to human beings, it is important to consume food that will give the most benefits to an individual's body.

Moreover, people should be more considerate and more discerning to what kinds of food they eat and to give importance to the caring of the physical body.

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