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Ingestion Of High-Concentration Peroxide, Touted As ‘Super Water’ In Alternative Medicine, Can Cause Permanent Disability And Death

Update Date: Feb 06, 2017 08:55 PM EST

Peroxide is typically used as an anti-septic and a bleaching agent. On the other hand, in alternative medicine, peroxide is being touted as a "super water" and is used for cleanses or natural cures. However, experts warned that ingestion of high-concentration peroxide can cause permanent disability and even death.

Researchers from the University of Colorado found that ingestion of high-concentration peroxide causes embolisms or blockages in the blood vessels which affects the cardiac, neurological, and respiratory systems of the human body. The worst thing that can happen due to the ingestion of >peroxide< is either permanent disability or death.

The study, published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, examine poison control records of cases of ingestion of high-concentration peroxide over a period of ten years. The study found that almost 14 percent of reported cases of peroxide poisoning had embolic events. Reported cases where the individual(s) died or exhibited permanent and continued disability is at 6.8 percent.

Although used in alternative medicine, researchers and experts warn against the ingestion of peroxide in any concentrations and for whatever reasons. Due to peroxide looking like water, accidental ingestion cannot be avoided. It is recommended that peroxide be in its original container with an added child-resistant agent to prevent accidental ingestion.

Moreover, it is recommended to add a coloring agent to peroxide to help people differentiate it from water. The proper use of peroxide is by the use of a dropper and diluted to reduce its concentration.

People who have survived peroxide poisoning suffered from life-threatening ailments like seizures, altered mental status, stroke, pulmonary embolism, respiratory distress, and heart attack. Patients who were treated early for peroxide poisoning had improved results after being treated with hyperbaric oxygen. Reports of cases leading to caustic injuries where almost non-existent and researchers found that endoscopy was not found to add any benefit in treating peroxide poisoning.

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