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Earthing: Health Benefits Of Going Barefoot

Update Date: Jan 31, 2017 07:40 AM EST

Going barefoot might be something most New Age thinkers or hippies would do, but experts reveal that kicking off those shoes does have countless benefits. Going barefoot or "earthing" is said to have health benefits which vary per individual.

Earthing or the practice of going barefoot to connect to the earth is said to have countless health benefits. It as easy as going barefoot in the garden and feeling the grass or the soil for 30 minutes to an hour or a long walk on the beach as you feel the sand. By doing so every day, experts reveal that it can positively alleviate stress and balance the body's electrons. It reportedly protects the body from against damaging electromagnetic fields.

What are the health benefits of earthing?

Jim McFarlane, a professor of physiology at the University of New England, did a small body of research focusing on the possible health benefits of earthing. He then added that earthing produces small yet significant changes to one's physiological functions according to Sydney Morning Herald.

McFarlane pointed out that earthing significantly lowers blood pressure levels, boosts the immune system and even produces inflammatory effects on the body. Some of the research's subjects then added that it improved their sleep quality and alleviate their insomnia. Earthing is also said to reduce pain and stress.

Charge Up!

McFarlane made an emphasis that not everybody can benefit from earthing, but he did point out that our nervous system is electrical, thus going barefoot stabilizes the electronic charges in the body without barriers such as shoes, slippers of socks. Though the study required more research, concrete evidence in regards to the benefits of earthing or going barefoot is prevalent.

"We are very isolated from the earth's environment and this means we slowly but surely build up an electrical charge. Not everybody is going to benefit from earthing, but there does appear to be some truth in the concept and [it] warrants further research. Our nervous system is electrical and you really only need slight alterations to your [body's equilibrium] over long periods of time to have health effects."

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