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Milk Safety News: Only 2 Out Of 200 Brands Found Safe For Drinking In Pakistan

Update Date: Jan 17, 2017 08:30 AM EST

Government officials surveyed milk companies in Pakistan and found out that only two out of 200 are safe for drinking. Last year, only one company in Karachi passed the safety guidelines.

The data on milk safety was reported by the officers of Ministry of Science and Technology, Pakistan Standards and Quality Control. The milk brands considered unsafe for drinking were found to have formalin and sugarcane juice added to the formula.

Last year, fungus and dirt was found in the plant of Al-Fazl Foods. The milk company's licensed was suspended and fined. Just this month, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) disposed 800 liters of milk found not safe for drinking. Aside from formalin, there were also presence of urea, salt and water. Two individuals were also arrested for profiteering in this malicious act.

Milk mafia is common in the region, which involveselling milk products containing formalin, hair removing powder, soap, urea and washing powder. Chemicals like caustic soda, detergents, refined oil like rancid oil and cheap cooking oil are added to increase shelf life.

Some companies are also reported to sell milk from sick animals. According to Dr. Tasneem Ahmed, a senior veterinary officer of the Punjab Livestock and Dairy Department, selling milk of sick animals is strictly banned as they are expected to have been treated with different kinds of medicines.

Ahmed added that drinking such milk is the reason why people, especially children, suffer from diarrhoea and other stomach diseases. Other effects of drinking adulterated milk are allergies, brucellosis, cancer, gastroenteritis and typhoid.

Authorities are taking action against the milk mafia. However, arrested individuals accused of mixing dangerous chemicals in the milk are released on bail after two or three days.

In the U.S, six grocery stores across the 12 states recalled products made with powdered milk after officials found Salmonella contamination at the plant in Strasburg, VA. Milk contaminated with the bacteria can weaken immune system and can cause deadly infections.

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