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Melanoma News: Sunbed Use Increases Cases Of Most Dangerous Skin Cancer

Update Date: Jan 16, 2017 09:20 AM EST

Sunbed users have 32 percent increase risk of getting diagnosed with melanoma compared to non-users, a new study reveals. Melanoma is considered as the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

Since 2014, incidence of rate of melanoma has never been higher. In Norway, there are 2,000 cases of the skin cancer every year, while Ireland has 900 new cases. Around 10,130 Americans die due to melanoma every year.

UV-emitting tanning devices, like sunbeds, are classified as carcinogenic to humans in 2009 by World Health Organization. However, they are still popular among young women in western countries.

The study, conducted by University of Oslo, Faculty of Medicine, followed 141,000 Norwegian women in their sunbed usage for 14 years in average. In addition to their findings that 32 percent have increased risk, women who use the tanning device before the age of 30 were diagnosed to have melanoma two years earlier than the rest.

Health experts consider the result of the study significant as modern sunbeds emit six times more UVA and twice UVB than the sun. The association of sunbed and melanoma remained significant even after controlling age, ambient UV of residence, birth-cohort, hair and skin color. Cumulative number of sunburns and sunbathing vacations were also considered.

Ireland considers it illegal for 18 years old and below to use a sunbed. The Sunbeds Regulation Act 2010 does not allow minors to use a sunbed at the business premises like beauty salons, leisure facility, gyms and hotels. Owners of sunbed business are not even allowed to offer usage of sunbed to this young age group. They are also not allowed to go inside the premises unless they work as employees.

Melanoma is almost always curable when diagnosed and treated early. Warning signs of melanoma are asymmetry of mole, uneven border, variety of colors, larger diameter and other changes in the mole such as bleeding, itching and crusting.

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