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Sony PlayStation 5 News - Release Date, VR, and More!

Update Date: Dec 27, 2016 07:24 AM EST

There have been little to no announcements about the Sony PlayStation 5. Although elusive, there has already been speculation as to what the PlayStation 5 will bring to the gaming table.

Sony PlayStation 5. How much information has been released about Sony PlayStation 5? Sony has just recently launched their mid-cycle console variant of the PlayStation 4 dubbed PS4 Pro.

Analysts are saying that the PS4 may be at the end of its lifecycle with how fast technology is evolving these days. If this does happen, it is only proper for Sony to move on to the next generation of PlayStation consoles.

The PS4 Pro is not that different from the original PS4. The main difference is an updated graphics processor that is, more or less, twice as powerful and improved Wi-Fi. Given that the PS4 Pro can process graphics faster than the original version, it is a gaming console that works well with a 4K television set. However, it will still perform better than the original without a 4K TV.

Sony is the first gaming console manufacturer to jump on board the virtual reality bandwagon. The PlayStation VR, as it is called, has been warmly welcome though it operates at a lower resolution even on the PS4.

The PlayStation VR's performance on the PS4 is an invitation for speculation as to what the PlayStation 5 can achieve. Currently, the PlayStation VR's reception has been positive which should help Sony decide on how to proceed with PlayStation 5.

What we do know is in the past Sony had announced that their PlayStation 3's technology was meant to last for up to 10 years and that it was released in 2006. The PlayStation 4 was released 7 years later in 2013.

With this trend, it is safe to assume that Sony will release their PlayStation 5 perhaps in 2020 - 2023. However, considering the trends in VR some sources have said that we could expect the console to come much earlier in 2018!

There has been little to no updates whatsoever on what can be expected from Sony about the possibility of a PlayStation 5 nor has there been any update on what Sony will be presenting during next year's E3. The only thing avid gamers and Sony fans can do in the meantime is to wait.

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