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Nintendo: Goodbye Wii U, Hello Nintendo Switch News and Updates

Update Date: Dec 26, 2016 05:30 AM EST

Big changes are coming to Nintendo with the New Year. The Nintendo Wii U is on its way out and the Nintendo Switch will be released in 2017.

Nintendo Wii U. There has been news that Nintendo has already stopped manufacturing their Wii consoles. Originally introduce in 2006 as a console that can be enjoyed by multiple players, it falls short of the offerings of Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.

The Wii U was actually a novelty when it was first announced - a controller with its own screen, much like the Gameboy Color handheld to the Nintendo 64 and GameCube consoles. However, the Wii U wasn't able to market itself successfully and left many gamers confused.

Wii U tried so hard to please everyone but in the end, it ended up pleasing no one. Wii U ended up being Nintendo's lowest selling game console at only 14 million units sold worldwide.

Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is the latest console from Nintendo. The device is a hybrid which aims to combine the best elements of both handheld and home gaming into an experience that can be played anywhere.

The Nintendo Switch will offer a tiered performance of its system. This means that the device's GPU will most likely be faster when the system is plugged in, rather than when it's mobile.

Sources have revealed that the Switch's GPU will run at 768MHz while plugged in and at less than half at 307.2MHZ when used as a portable device. For both experiences, the CPU speed will remain at 1020MHZ. However, it is too early in the game to know if both versions will be able to perform the same.

There has a lot of excited gossip that Pokemon Sun and Moon will make its way to the Nintendo Switch with features not available on the 3DS versions. The title of the game has been reported to be "Pokemon Stars."

The Nintendo Switch is also believed to support digital editions of GameCube titles. There are also predictions of it offering VR capabilities.

While there are still some Wii U games that are set for release in 2017 like the much anticipated "Zelda: Breath of the Wild", there might not be any consoles left for sale by then. The Wii U has already stopped production and Nintendo is busy preparing for their Switch release in March 2017.

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