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Street Fighter V Releases Update Against Rage Quitters

Update Date: Dec 22, 2016 09:27 PM EST

The controversial video game Street Fighter V has finally made good on its announcement last August and will now give rage-quitters a badge of shame. The feature is now available with their holiday update.

Street Fighter V. Street Fighter V was launched with barely any features but with a hefty $60 price tag. The game had a very short Story Mode that users could quickly finish in a few hours, a Versus Mode, a Survival Mode, an Online Mode, and a Training Mode.

There was much talk about the game's Fighting Game Community (FGC) focus. Since most of the features were mostly accessible online, casual gamers were put off by this release.

Street Fighter V was primarily launched to be ready for the Capcom Pro Tour, which was for the hardcore FGC alone. The exclusion of the casual gamer has greatly affected Street Fighter V's sales.

The game has sold fewer copies at launch than Street Fighter IV, its predecessor. Unlike Mortal Kombat, a similar combat game with a fun arcade mode for the casual player, Street Fighter V just has little to no appeal for the regular casual gamer.

Tougher Penalties. Earlier in August, Capcom announced that it would have tougher penalties for rage quitters in the game. True its word, Capcom has now released a badge that will identify who these rage-quitting players are.

Similarly, if you constantly stay until the end of the match, you would be given another badge. This system has been placed to ensure that other players can know if the person they are fighting against is trustworthy.

In other Capcom and Street Fighter V news, the game's 2017 season pass is already available. The update will feature Akuma, unannounced fighters, new colors, and costumes. Akuma, along with five other characters and their Premium Battle Costumes, will cost 100,000 Fight Money or $6 (600 Zenny).

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