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'No Man's Sky' Gets A New Update, Fails To Meet Gamers' Expectations

Update Date: Nov 29, 2016 04:10 AM EST

"No Man's Sky", one of the most preferred exploration games and a regular contender of prominent events like The Game Awards and E3 had a huge free update recently. This is reportedly the first of the "many free updates" that the developer has promised.

Hello Games, the makers of this space game have given a variety of gaming experience by combining the strangeness and wonder of the vast universe by leading them through a mission of exploration and discovery of new galaxies and planets. Players of "No Man's Sky" have always felt that the uncharted territories they explore and the experience that come with it have never been one or the same.

The Foundation Update Version 1.1

The free, huge update called "The Foundation Update" or Version 1.1, went live on PlayStation 4 a couple of days ago. The update has made the game even more interesting by introducing three different "rule sets," the ability to build bases, save points, cargo freighters, advanced technology and a bunch of enhancements to the base game. The PC version that was released has also added a number of bug fixes and latest improvements to the game. Also, the PS4 version has a photo mode.

The Base-Building Game

The foundation update focuses on base-building allowing gamers to make a home, in the open space by acquiring resources, employing assistants and constructing advanced structures. The cargo freighters will help players to carry the acquired resources in bulk quantities, some additional sophisticating enhancements and new game modes.

The home bases that the players build shall be used as shelter and for storage of resources and farm crops and for alien technology research. Players have to do some farming to acquire new resources. They can also add save points, leave messages for other explorers, maintain the inventory with the help of the quick menu and do a lot more in the game.

"If you could have lived our lives over the last months, you'd know how meaningful this is," said Sean Murray, the game's lead designer on his twitter account.

Why 'No Man's Sky' Is Not What Gamers Expected

However, the game was not greatly welcomed by the gamers across the globe as they feel that there is not much of exploration and real discovery involved in the game. The game constantly pulls the players to their base location which in-turn fails the very purpose of exploration in the game. However, "No Man's Sky" is not a bad game but a game that is way inclined away from the expectations of its gamers.

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