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Reach Silvally Easily In 'Pokemon Sun and Moon': Tips And Tricks

Update Date: Nov 30, 2016 12:56 AM EST

Players can now learn the best methods to enhance the happiness of their Pokemon and get Silvally easily. Gaming talks suggest that happiness and friendships of the Pokemon has a great impact on the game of the new "Pokémon Sun and Moon". "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has a number of tricks that enhance the gaming experience by boosting the happiness or friendship of the Pokemon. Also this increase in Pokémon's happiness helps players to evolve their "Null" type into Silvally easy and faster.

Raise Happiness/Friendship

The primary item a player will need to enhance the happiness of the Pokemon is the Luxury Ball. The Luxury Ball doubles all the friendship points the player get with the Pokémon that he catches through battles, leveling, etc. Afterwards, players have to head over to Route 3 and converse to a particular man. This man will offer a Soothe Bell, which will also help increase the Pokémon's friendship gain.

How To Get Silvally Easily

Players have to remember that once they reach Type: Null, they have to preferably increase their friendship initially before they start leveling it up, as their Pokémon will only evolve with the help of the Happiness meter.

If the players by any chance of misfortune, abuse his/her Pokemon, it will become impossible for them to evolve into Silvally. To evolve the Type: Null easily players can use the Soothe Bell. The Soothe Bell will raise the Pokémon's Happiness effectively by walking along grass patches.

Soothe balls will also boost the happiness of Players' Pokemon during battles, significantly enough to easily get to Silvally.

Impact of Happiness

One of the ways in which the players' relationship with his/her Pokemon can affect the game is that some in-game features will not be available for access if the happiness meter goes down like the exclusive items and ribbons. Also, the happiness or friendship meter has a significant impact on the abilities Return and Frustration, in the game.

In Return, Base Power = Friendship / 2.5

In Frustration, Base Power = (255 - Friendship) / 2.5

Thus, by maintaining the happiness meter high Players can easily get to Silvally in a quick pace in the new "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

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