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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Guide: Where To Find The Z-Moves And Z-Crystals? What Powers Do Players Get With The Z-Crystals?

Update Date: Nov 25, 2016 08:56 AM EST

In its every new iteration, Pokemon has ensured players an evolving gameplay. One such gameplay strategy introduced in the new Pokémon Sun and Moon is the Z-Moves in. To get access to your Z-moves, players need to acquire the Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-Crystals.

The Z-Moves in the new Pokémon Sun and Moon are special one-time use abilities when used at the right time can lead to drastic outcomes that can change the entire nature of the game play. Also with the Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-moves abilities players can use boosted versions of certain signature effects that offer improved buffs during combat.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Z-Crystal Locations and Z-Moves

The locations of these Pokémon Sun and Moon Z-crystals and Z-moves are as follows,

Fightinium Z- Defeat the first Kahuna during the Grand Trials and acquire Fighting-type moves into "All-Out Pummeling"

Rockium Z- Defeat the second Kahuna and get Rock-type moves into "Continental Crush".

Darkinium Z- Defeat the third Kahuna to gain Dark-type moves into "Black Hole Eclipse".

Groundium Z- Gain Ground-type moves into "Tectonic Rage" and defeating the fourth Kahuna.

Noramlium Z- Complete the Verdant Cavern trial on Melemele Island and convert Normal moves into "Breakneck Blitz".

Waterium Z-Akala Island's first trial, Brooklet Hill gives his crystal which enhances Water moves to Hydro Vortex.

Firium Z- Second trial of Akala Island, Wela Volcano Park and improves Fire to Inferno Overdrive.

Grassium Z- Third Akala Island trial in Lush Jungle that enables Bloom Doom on Grass moves.

Electrium Z- Ula'ula Island's first trial Hokulani Observatory rewards this which enables Gigavolt Havoc.

Ghostium Z- Abandoned Site trial on Ula'ula Island that unlocks Never Ending Nightmare for Ghost type.

Fairium Z- Get it from Mina while going through Vast Poni Canyon to enable Twinkle Tackle on Fairy type moves.

Icium Z- On a pedestal in Mount Lanakila's caves on Ula'ula Island which enables Subzero Slammer.

Poisonium Z- Take it from Plumeria at Ancient Poni Path after getting the Sun and Moon Flutes. Unlocks Acid Downpour

Flyinium Z- Behind Machamp boulder in Ten Carat Hill. Flying moves are changed to Supersonic Skystrike.

Psychium Z- From the stones near an exit in Haina Desert to unlock Shattered Psyche. Correct order for stones is 2, 1, Up and 4.

Pikanium Z- Pikachu exclusive and is given by a woman near Konikoni City's Lighthouse. Unlocks Catastropika which has 210 Base Power.

Buginium Z- Get from a suitcase in Guzma's room inside the Shady House on Ula'ula Island. Boosts Bug moves into Savage Spin-Out.

Dragonium Z- Defeat Totem Kommo-o to get this and unlock Devastating Drake.

Steelium Z- Grab steel moves into Corkscrew Crash and is acquired by completing the Hokulani Observatory trial,

Decidium Z- Defeat Guzma at Malie Garden and Professor Kukui will give this to players. This crystal is unique to Decidueye and upgrades Spirit Shackle to Sinister Arrow Raid with 180 base power.

Incinium Z- Similar to Decidium but for Incineroar and unlocks Malicious Moonsault which has 180 base power and Physical Damage.

Primarium Z- Similar to Decidium and Incinium but unique to Primarina and unlocks Oceanic Operetta with 195 base power and deals Special Damage.

Tapunium Z- Acquired during the epilogue after fighting Tapu Koko. It is unique to Tapu Bulu, Tapu Lele, Tapu Fini and Tapu Koko.

Aloraichium Z- Obtained by showing an NPC and Alolan Raichu. Unique to Alolan Raichu and unlocks Stoked Sparksurfer.

Snorlium Z- Obtained through Mystery Gift before 11th January 2017. It is unique to Snorlax and works with Giga Impact to unlock Pulverizing Pancake with 210 base power.

Eevium Z- Obtained by beating all the trainers in the Battle Royal stadium who have different forms of Eevee. Players need to finish the Pokémon League first and then head to the Mega Mart besides Battle Royal stadium. It boosts all of Eevee's stats by two stages through Extreme Evoboost.

These Z-moves come with certain limitations. Some are limited to specific Pokémon, and other Z-moves can be performed only when a Pokémon has a matching move in their dossier to the Z-Crystal he is holding.

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