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Google Daydream Review: “A Worthy Buy”

Update Date: Nov 12, 2016 06:29 AM EST

The $79 VR headset by Google named Google Daydream View is out for sale. While VR headsets for PCs like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are expensive, smartphone VR headsets are comparatively cheaper and mobile.

Google's first VR headset Google Cardboard had some limitations which its successor Google Daydream View has said to have overcome adding more accessibility while retaining the affordability. Google Daydream is presently compatible with Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL and it is said to open to other high-end android devices like Huawei Honor Note 9.

Design needs to be improved to avoid Glare

9to5 Google in its review suggests that the Daydream View VR can improve its design so that the sides are completely closed to avoid glare. However, the VR offers an overall fulfilling experience and the controller is a major game-changing feature. However, reviews also suggest that the hardware is simple and not "super-fancy". Also the VR does not sport any high-tech features.

An Improved Cardboard Version

However according to Hall "The entire point of the Daydream View is that it offers immersive and interactive VR for any person" He describes the Daydream VR headset as "a natural evolution of Cardboard."

The plus of the Daydream view compared to cardboard is the VR app, a comfortable and simple VR headset and a good controller for easy navigation of VR apps.

Schiesser says "It's easy to use, intuitive, and just damn awesome."  While most reviews suggest that the Daydream view is simple and easy to use, the limitations of Daydream view do not seem to bother them much.

A Worthy Buy

According to Robertson "Even with these caveats, though, the View offers a great core experience without a major investment of time, money, or effort - a truly casual kind of virtual reality," Though the Daydream View VR has received most welcoming reviews it still has to work to come out ever better in the next version. Google has also promised to improve the user experience.

The Final Verdict

The reviews suggest that Google Daydream View VR is worth the purchase for $79, for an easy-to-use smart-phone powered virtual reality experience. Despite the need for improvements it is still considered a worthy investment for a gadget.

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