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Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ DLC Updates: The 1.4 Patch To Improve Solo Player Experience

Update Date: Oct 24, 2016 07:42 AM EDT

Tom Clancy's 'The Division' is an online specific third-person shooter video game open to all. It is developed and introduced by the Ubisoft. Ubisoft is a French multinational video games developer and publisher. The game takes its name from Tom Clancy, a well-known video game designer.

The gameplay of this game takes origin from the crisis in Manhattan. The place in an open world with destructing surroundings. The gamer has to explore and restore by understanding the virus source.

During the play, the user carries weapons, explosives and smart mines to tackle with the enemy and defend themselves. The player earns XP (experience points) and money with every level. They can utilize this currency to buy weapons and gear. With XP the player can learn new tactics and skills.

Launch Date

The news about the release of the latest updates of the game has been around the corner for quite a while. However, no confirmation and new stuff are present in the game. The delay in the launch of the upgraded version will affect the DLC pack of Survival.

Initially, the news and the DLC roadmap gave a clear indication that the new version will come out in the summer, but so far, the speculations on the release date persist.

Many researchers suggest that the cause of the delay is the bugs, issues, and dissatisfaction of the players with the current version and the server going down very often. Nevertheless, the company has its excuse saying that the improvisations are taking place to provide a better output.

Though, the news from trusted source claim that several fixes will arrive in October 2016 however, the 'Survival' will be pushed back further. So far, Ubisoft is due on announcing the new date for the launch, expect it somewhere soon.

A concise description of the upcoming DLC version is out on the game's official website which does not contain much information on the gameplay and new functionality. The associative creative director Of Ubisoft asserts that the DLC will be a whole new way of playing the game.


It seems the players have been in standby mode. The DLC was about to appear in September this year but still on the news on the update. Though the news and analysts confirm its release in October, the users are still in wait of some confirmation from Ubisoft on this matter.

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