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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Get Free Poke Coins And Be The Best Trainer Ever!

Update Date: Oct 12, 2016 07:34 AM EDT

Pokemon Go Tips are everywhere, but the trick is to follow the most effective ones for you to have the best gaming experience ever. Like getting free PokeCoins, for example. This is crucial since this is the virtual currency in the global hit game Pokemon Go.

According to itechpost, you can buy all in-game resources and upgrades including Potions, Pokeballs, Lucky Eggs, Revive among others. You can get a PokeCoin every time you have a Pokemon stationed at a specific gym location. There have been reports that each stationed Pokemon can give you 10 PokeCoins and 500 Stardust. Furthermore, Pokemons can also be bought using real currency.

However, this can be a problem for trainers who are on a shoestring budget. Good thing Reddit posted an awesome guide about maximizing your earned PokeCoins. The guide is quite long but it's worth the effort. So here's how you can get massive amounts of Coins and Stardust without having to spend anything. Here are the salient points as posted by PokemonGoHub.

Find An Ideal Gym

Make sure it's inaccessible by car and has minimal foot traffic. It should be a neighborhood your team dominates. Don't set up a gym where there's high population density. Get a gym where GPS signal is poor. Your attackers will give up taking down your gym when they get locked out for GPS drift.

Maximize Your Attack and Levelling Speed

Maximize prestige gain by taking advantages of strength, weaknesses and STAB. Level up gyms by using their typing. Avoid doing bubble-strat and do this only if you are leveling up the gym along with other players.

Be Careful In Deploying Gym Pokemon

Have a solid defender Pokemon that has high CP along with a good defensive move-set. If you don't have Snorlax, Lapras, Exeggutor, Slowbro, Vaporeon, or Dragonite, add Pokemon having high enough CP so you can sit at the top of the gym. Add your Pokemon to high level gyms and aim not to be in the bottom 3. Make sure you keep a screenshot of the Pokemon you just added to a gym so you can track where your defending Pokemon is located. Know your current defenders before adding your Pokemon.

Taking Control

Don't let any new opposing gym spring up in your neighborhood, take them down asap. Expand your borders and knock down all level 10 gyms of another team with the help of your friends.

Collecting Coins

Before redeeming coins and stardust, count the number of defending Pokemon you already have. Have an alarm set up every 21 hours after redeeming  coins and stardust. In about one week you can get as much as 800 coins and 40000 stardust. Make sure to re-establish your gain in high level gyms during weekends in your team's neighborhood. It's ideal you are holding about 20 gyms and at the end of each week, you're holding 12-14 gyms without the need to add any Pokemon.

For more Pokemon Go tips and tricks, keep it here on Counselheal. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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