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Pokemon Go News Update: Peripherals Make Catching Pokemon Easy; Latest Update Adds Buddy System & Other Features

Update Date: Sep 16, 2016 07:30 AM EDT

Pokemon Go players have continuously complained about the need to stare at their phones while walking in busy places just to catch Pokemon. However, now, a new accessory, which is scheduled to release on the stores on Friday would solve that issue.

Pokemon Go Plus, which is a small Bluetooth controlled device, connects to the user's smartphone. In case any Pokemon is nearby, the app will recognize that and display a button in the centre with flash. If players press it, they can grab the Pokemon, without operating their smartphone, reported CBC News.

Consequently, the Go Plus will vibrate if the chase was successful, and players can use it to gather items from Pokestop. On the negative side, it only detects the Pokemon players have caught in the past. For players who are chasing unknown Pokemon available in the wild, they need to use their smartphone.

Meanwhile, Niantic has updated their app for both iOS and Android to implement the features of Pokemon Go Plus. Additionally, some other features have also been introduced that will benefit the players not opting for this peripheral.

For example, the Buddy System allows players to choose any one of their Pokemon to move along with them on the game screen. This feature is similar to the cartoon, where Ash is accompanied by Pikachu.

Players who walk with Buddy Pokemon will be able to generate more candies and in - game articles, which can boost their power. Additionally, the Buddy system will also allow players to power up their Pokemon, even if they are not of the similar types.

In other news, Pokemon Go will also be introduced to Apple Watches, but would not be an Apple exclusive.

"Our whole mission as a company is to evangelize this whole concept of playing games outside, real world games," explained Hanke. "Apple Watch we think is a great vehicle for that," he added, complimenting the new Apple iWatch.

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