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3 Easily Overlooked Things That Can Save You From Cancer

Update Date: May 25, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Cancer is one of the top diseases that many people try to avoid though there is no telling how a person can lower the chances of inheriting the “Big C”. Medication could help but at the end of the day, it is all about following healthy lifestyles.

When one thinks about lifestyles, the popular ‘vices’ come into mind. That would include drinking (alcohol) and smoking which normally crop up from social gatherings or influence.

While alcohol consumption and/or smoking are two things that anyone will likely come across, the manner of intake could indicate the probability of contracting cancer. Avoiding them is possible and for the one’s who have included them in their daily habits, the best recourse is to tone them down.

Assuming that an individual is able to find a way to avoid them (at an early age), such could decrease the potential incidence of cancer. Such would require a major lifestyle change that could lower the risk of cancer by as much as 70% and as low as 40% according to a study by JAMA.

“Considering the lack of diversity among the study population, the results may not be generalizable to other ethnic groups. As a society, we need to avoid procrastination induced by thoughts that chance drives all cancer risk or that new medical discoveries are needed to make gains against cancer,” according to the study.

For the folks who want to lower the chances of cancer, here are three things you can consider starting off with slicing down that alcohol intake.

  1. Drink Moderately. It is something that many will see on alcoholic beverage consumption telling you to drink moderately. The reason for this is people will likely find it hard to quit alcohol drinking seeing it has become a part of everyday socializing. Just the same, a person can always limit his consumption and it all depends on his will power.
  2. Watch your weight. Dieting is something encouraged to avoid obesity since it does open a lot of opportunities for diseases to strike. The heart is the main target but it can also cover other illnesses that include lung, colorectal, ovarian, endometrial, breast and pancreatic cancer.
  3. Exercise and burn excess calories. Diets are a good way to trim down but like anything else, working out is a good way to compliment to get better results. Some consider exercise as a means to look good but digging deeper, it is also a means of living better as well.

Given these, it should be noted that altering the threat of cancer cannot be changed overnight. But the earlier a person indulges in them may lower the risk of cancer, if not push it back for more years.

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