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5 Quick Fixes To Get Rid Of Stinky, Smelly Feet

Update Date: May 12, 2016 10:40 AM EDT
Desert Rats Foot Inspection
A foot inspection for British soldiers of the 7th Armoured Division in North Africa during World War II, circa 1941. Desert warfare necessitated long treks in loose hot sand, therefore it was important to have regular foot inspections in order to catch problems early. (Photo : (Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images))

When you have a foot odor, you have to deal with both bacteria and sweat. For the most part, sweat is actually odorless except those which are excreted by the armpit and the inguinal area.

It is no the sweat on your feet that makes it smell but the bacteria that is allowed to flourish in the soaking milieu that it has created.

Here are five simple quick fixes in order to get rid of those smelly and stinky feet.

5. Applying Ginger Root Solution

Ginger can help impede the development of bacteria on your feet and also eliminate toxins.

Simply, take a medium sized piece of ginger root and make a puree. Steep the puree in hot water for about 15 minutes. Strain the solution using a filter. Massage your feet with the resultant smooth liquid every night before you go to bed. Do this for about two weeks.

4. Make It A Habit to Soak Your Feet with A Combination Of Baking Soda and Lemon

Baking soda can aid in eliminating foot odor. It is often used to kill bacteria, control odor and soften the feet. Lemon, on the other hand, helps regulate too much sweating and has a great fresh scent. Below is the recipe on how to make your own soak:


Baking soda (¼ cup)

Water (8 cups)

1 lemon


Empty the baking soda into the basin and supplement with eight cups of warm water. Squeeze the lemon into the solution then soak your feet. Do this for about 20 minutes and then dry your feet thoroughly.

3. Wear Good Socks

Never wear the same pair of socks two days in a row. Wearing good socks is one of the best foot odor remedies. One should pick a fabric that will suit his or her feet, meaning one that will keep your fit always dry. Because there are times that the type of fabric for one person will not work for another person.

There are a lot of types of sock fabrics available: acrylic, cotton, and wool, check which one works best for your feet and invest on it.

2.. Control What You Eat

Food spiced up with peppers, onions, scallions, and garlic should be avoided as the strong flavor will pass through your bloodstream and directly into your sweat.

1. Soak in Kosher or Epsom Salt

Kosher salt, whose crystals are much larger than common salt, can be used as a smelly feet cure. Add half a cup of the salt to about a liter of water and soak your feet in the solution. When you're done, do not rinse your feet. Instead, dry them as they are to maximize the effect of the kosher salt. The salt has a drying effect on the skin.

As an alternative, you can use Epsom salt. Add 2 teaspoons of the salt in half a bucket of water and soak your feet for about 15 minutes. As previously mentioned, do not rinse your feet.

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