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Game of Thrones Season 6 Recap: "Red Woman" Episode, Fans And Media Full-On Melisandre Theories

Update Date: May 01, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Game of Thrones Season 6 continues with its high-octane practice of leaving fans breathless in its narration as another surprising revelation ended the opener with a twist, which could foreshadow a lot from the HBO small-screen adaptation.  

"The Red Woman" season starter closed its curtains with the enigmatic Asshai priestess Melisandre (portrayed by Dutch actress Carice Van Houten) in all her naked glory transforming into a stooped old hag after she stripped herself of a choker with a red gem that she constantly wears around her neck.

Wildly speculating theories have abounded with regards to the episode's shocking reveal as the ending provided quite scant details on the true back story of Melisandre, according to The Week.

The priestess of The Lord of the Light was at first greatly reflected on to set off the revival of the dead body of John Snow (portrayed by Keith Harrington) who was left for dead on the grounds of Castle Black. At an earlier time in the episode, Melisandre countlessly mentioned that he saw the bastard Snow in one of her visions. Will the next episode have her deal her "life energy" for the fallen Night's Watch steward.

Melisandre's taking away of her prized accessory could be a focal point in her storyline. This red ruby which eerily becomes luminous whenever she casts a spell has evidently been her "fountain of youth" in disguise as it has kept her young and beautiful to the eyes as referred to in the website.

However, it has long been revealed by both David Benioff, the series creator and van Houten that Melisandre is "way over 100 years old" and "400 years old."

Another theory which deviates takes us back to season five involving Cersei Lannister's prophecy regarding a witch that disclose to her when she was still unmarried that she will have three children.  The said witch is believed to be Melisandre herself.

On the other hand, the greatly debated necklace theory interrupts the storyline of Game of Thrones as attributed by Redditt user brashendeavours in a posting which explained that:

"Of course, this makes all the more fascinating the show episode (S4E7) where Melisandre is taking a bath without her ruby choker. This scene was not in the books, many wondered if D&D had messed up, but I think the omission was quite deliberate."

A story line being muddle-up or not the next episode of Game of Thrones will be on May 1, 2016, entitled "Home."

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