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Cannabis Legal In Canada By 2017

Update Date: Apr 28, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

The sensitive issue on Marijuana was discussed here a couple of days ago and now the word out is that Cannabis could be legalized by next year, 2017. Word of such comes from Health Minister Jane Philpott who bared the plan during the United Nations meeting held last week.

Philpott’s revelation comes a bit scarce as she did not get into detail. That included stating who would be allowed to grow and/or distribute Cannabis products in the event that it does get legalized. If plans do push through, it could spark a domino effect.

Canada is within 100 miles of the US border and such could spark bordering states to pass a legislation to prevent the exodus of tourism dollars to their end. Proof of this is Colorado and Washington which have seen a spike in tourism when marijuana was legalized back in 2013.

Assuming that Cannabis does get legalized, it is unlikely to be in the center of trade between Canada and the United States. Technically, Cannabis is still illegal under United States laws.

“I don't see the government legalizing the export of cannabis,” said Eugene Oscapella, an Ottawa lawyer who specializes in Canadian social policy. “Right now, it's a criminal offense punishable by life imprisonment. They don't need to change that part of the law in order to set up a legal regulatory regime in Canada.”

The legalization process will all depend on how prime minister Justin Trudeau deals with it. Though a lot of Canadians support the legalization of marijuana, there are some who consider marijuana worse than cigarettes. One person who thinks so is Trudeau’s predecessor, Stephen Harper.

The matter of legalizing marijuana could hinge on whoever becomes the next U.S. president. Among the candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have so far avoided tackling the issue, something that could play an integral part in trade deals between Canada and the United States. Though times have changed when it comes to legalizing Cannabis, it is a sensitive issue that needs to be addressed.

As far as Canada is concerned, there seems to be no strong opposition to the move in case it goes down. Regions such as Alaska, Oregon, Portland and Maine have legalized Cannabis with more expected to follow. Should Canada join the party?

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