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7 Signs Of Pregnancy

Update Date: Apr 26, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Motherhood is bliss for any woman and the joy of parenting starts with pregnancy. While kit test gives reliable result, signs of pregnancy are the first indications that you are probably carrying a new life in you. Here are 7 signs that you will experience in early pregnancy.

Prickling and tingling sensation in nipples

Tingling or prickling sensation is felt in the nipples as pregnancy hormones increase the blood supply to the breasts. This is regarded as the first sign of pregnancy and will be noticed at as early as a week of conception. Once the body adapts to the change in hormone levels the sensation ceases altogether, according to Babycentre.

Cramping and spotting

While spotting is common during periods it is also seen during early weeks of pregnancy. A pink or brown color stain in the underwear or streak during urination is seen sometimes accompanied by slight cramping. The spotting is believed to be because of implantation of fertilized being in the womb or as a result of hormones controlling the upcoming periods.

Tender swollen breasts

At six weeks of pregnancy breasts are larger, swollen and veins are visible under the nearly transparent skin. Women feel achy and fuller breasts, reported Web MD. They are initially very sensitive but the sensation subsides in a week or two as the pregnancy progresses.

Morning sickness

Though morning sickness is not seen in every woman, it is prevalent in at least half the population. It starts at six weeks but some might start experiencing it at as early as four weeks. Feeling sick and frequent vomiting are experienced any time during the day or night as a result of the sickness.

Frequent urination

Pregnant women tend to urinate frequently, the onset of which is at six weeks of pregnancy. The kidneys work overtime during this period and is caused as a result of the activities of pregnancy hormones.

Darkening of nipples

At eight weeks of pregnancy women start noticing darkening of their nipples and the bumps around the nipples also appear more pronounced. Nipples are mostly erect. Darkening or purplish coloration in the vagina and nearby areas could be observed.

Craving for food and sensitivity to smells

Craving for food is usually seen during early pregnancy and inclination to certain taste could also be felt. Metallic taste is felt in mouth and puking sensation for smell of foods and other stuffs could be experienced.

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