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Diet Tips For Americans

Update Date: Apr 24, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Food happens to be one of the inevitable needs for any living thing and an irresistible desire for most people in the world. We just feel heavenly when we eat foods we love and the happiness we get out of it is just out of the world. But when it comes to living a healthy life, on most occasions, our passion for food and health don't go hand in hand. And here are few diet tips for Americans to bear in mind for maintaining good health while enjoying tasty meal.

Include all kinds of nutritious food groups in diet, say fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes, dairy, vegetable oil, fish and poultry. It is better not to avoid or restrict yourself to specific food varieties since body needs all the nutrients and not just one or few of them.

When it comes to oil, different types of oil are recommended to be good for health in 2015 Dietary Guidelines For Americans. The list of oils includes peanut, canola, corn, safflower, olive, sunflower and soybean. Simple diet tip in using oil is to switch from one variety to another every time you buy provisions, probably every week or every month. Doing so, we make sure that we achieve the goodness from almost every source.

Another important diet tip is, while we avoid foods we are allergic to we should also look out for an alternative source of nutrient that our allergen has to offer. If you are allergic to milk and dairy products make sure to meet the calcium requirement by consuming enough of green leafy vegetables, broccoli and so on. When your friends take cheesy food, you might have to take twice the amount of veggies and fish they eat since you are losing calcium in the cheese they get hands on.

Also, limit salt, sugar and saturated and transfat in your diet. Experts have it that if Americans could cut down on the amount of calories they take every day that would do probably do everything that needs to be done for achieving good health.

"Everyone in the food industry decided they had to make portions larger to stay competitive, and people got used to large sizes very quickly," Nestle says, according to Healthy Day. "Today, normal sizes seem skimpy."

So, it is better to be cautious on the type and quantity of food you are having whether it is a grand dinner party or just a night out.

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