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New Gin Could Keep You Looking Young

Update Date: Apr 24, 2016 08:27 PM EDT

People usually resort to a lot of things to keep that young look and until now, alcohol consumption was not part of all that. But Bompast & Parr may have come up with something to change all that, an anti-a Gin composed of 40% gin together with pure collagen.

Aside from that, the anti-ageing gin is comprised by rejuvenating botanicals which include chamomile, tea tree, nettle, witch-hazel and gotu kola. It also has the traditional gin base botanicals of juniper, coriander and angelica root with a cardamom finish, a curious mix that may just work.

From a certain point, the gin seems to carry a lot of questions particularly in the area of anti-aging methods. However, that angle may have been addressed as well with anti-ageing expert Nicky-Hambleton Jones having a hand in the development of the concoction.

“For those that want to do everything they can to stay young, but don’t want to give up alcohol, this is surely the next best thing,” says Jones.

The said gin is now available at the Bodelwyddan Castle in an effort to provide alcohol drinkers a new kind of twist. Some may buy into the idea while there are others likely to hold reservations. And one who has done just that is Dr. Visha Patel, the founder of Dentalskin.

“What the industry needs is independent research that demonstrates significant statistical differences. We actually tell our patients to avoid alcohol entirely both immediately before and for 48 hours after treatments, given its dehydrating properties.”

With that said, it remains to be seen if this new gin is good as advertised. Alcohol is still associated with some negative traits and apparently that is one thing that is hindering people from actually believing that it will work, especially when it relates to the human skin.

But then again, there are those folks who would be willing to try it and give it a try. It is currently available for about £34.99 at

It should be an interesting drink for the ones who love to consume alcohol and yet look out for their youthful appearance. Also, the said drink can reportedly address other skin-related issues like sun-damage and scar formations.

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