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Suicide Alert:' More Than 100 People Committed Suicide in Canada

Update Date: Apr 12, 2016 06:51 AM EDT

A group of super villains accepted a secret mission is given by the government that would probably kill them, hence, the Suicide Squad was born. In Ontario, Canada, meanwhile, the government declared a state of emergency as 101 people attempted suicide.

While the movie Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated movie this year that is giving a fun kind of thrill to DC fans, not a good kind of thrill enveloped the Cree community in Ontario due to a huge number of suicide attempts.

CBC reported that the council and chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation are overwhelmed by the number of the attempted suicide in their community. Eleven people attempted to end their lives on Saturday night following 28 attempts in March.

A total of 101 people committed suicide since September. The youngest is 11 and the oldest is 71, said Chief Bruce Shisheesh.

Cree is a small community with only 2,000 residents. It is believed that poverty and emotional problems triggered the suicide attempts.

Overcrowding with a family of up to 15 members who are living under one roof is hard. Bullying at school leads to depression together with physical and sexual abuse. Then these people will turn to drugs.

People try to ease their emotional and physical pains with drugs. When they started to have withdrawals, they will feel unwanted, adding more pain. "And when you don't have money to buy drugs, that's when they turn to suicide," Shisheesh said.

The chief and the council had a meeting on Monday to address the issue and formulate a strategic plan. "We need help in Attawapiskat," Shisheesh said.

According to Mental Health Daily, almost all people have thought of attempting suicide at least one point in their lives. While everyone has to deal with hard times, some people have dealt or are dealing with a harder one.

People turn to suicide when they feel hopeless and as if there is no way to change their current situation. Depression, financial problems, drug abuse and difficulties with relationships are some of the well-known causes of suicide.

Suicide attempts can be avoided by recognizing warning signs. The most common sign is if someone is talking about harming or killing oneself, shared Help Guide.

A person who is planning a suicide may do an unexpected visit to family and friends to say goodbye. This person will say goodbye in a way that as if he or she will never be seen again. On the other hand, a suicidal may also isolate his self and would want to be left alone.

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