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Here is Why Sleep is Essential for your Workout Routine

Update Date: Feb 28, 2016 03:48 PM EST

There have been multiple studies that prove how sleep deprivation can cause havoc on your body, most importantly, it can cause weight gain. Other negative impacts include reduced muscle mass, decrease in testosterone, poor sex drive, depression and even loss of bone.

"You can have two people who are doing the exact same workout and eating the same good nutrition, but one is seeing huge progress and the other isn't. A lot of the time, good sleep is the difference," says Mansur Mendizabal, a personal trainer and kettlebell instructor in Washington.

"Sleep is the only time the body is fully recovering and rebuilding," he says.

For your body to respond to weight loss properly, it is not enough to take one or two days off. Instead, you need to sleep well every night to help your muscles recover and to develop your mental acuity, says

"It's during the deep stages of sleep that all the tissues of the body repair," says John Broussard, a sports medicine doctor in Washington

"But you have to get into all the stages of sleep in the proper sequence to get those restorative benefits."

"One of the reasons fibromyalgia patients often feel slow cognitively and tight in their muscles and tendons is because they never reach the deep levels of sleep," says Broussard, who works with patient education at Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

"They don't get to hit that reset button."

This is why people who use sleeping pills to sleep at night are unable to wake up feeling fresh and restored. They often feel groggy and lethargic because they never go through all the phases of deep sleep. Simply put, lack of sleep can impact motor and cognitive performance, says Broussard, reports Washington Post

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