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Poor Lifestyle Coupled with Alcohol Drinking Multiplies Harm

Update Date: Feb 22, 2016 09:52 AM EST

According to a new research, drinkers who live in the poor areas suffer from poor health as compared to wealthy drinkers because they are likely to have other harmful behaviors too. When drinking is combined with other behaviors such as smoking, followed by poor diet and excess weight, it can amplify the risk of alcohol-related conditions, as per the study.

The researchers from UK explain why the people living in underprivileged communities have greater levels of alcohol-related poor health as compared to more privileged people, even though they consume the same amount of alcohol, as reported by

According to the researchers, they found that the people living in the deprived areas who drank more than the weekly prescribed levels were more likely to combine smoking, unhealthy eating, poor lifestyle and little exercise.

"Together these combinations can create enormous stresses on people's bodies, overwhelming their ability to limit the health harms caused by alcohol," said one researcher, Professor Mark Bellis from Bangor University. The study, published in BMC Public Health, was conducted as a phone survey in England involving 6015 adults, selected randomly.

Drinkers that lived in underprivileged areas were much likelier to binge drink on beer and other cheap spirits than wine. "Drinkers in more deprived communities were more likely to drink their weekly alcohol in fewer but heavier drinking sessions," Prof Bellis said.

"Such behaviours can increase risks of injury and heart disease compared to people who drink the same total amount of alcohol but over more occasions."

James Nicholls from Alcohol Research UK added that these findings were important for the individual lifestyle choices that can tackle a broader problem related to health disparity, reported 9News

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