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By 2020 You May Be Able to Take Cancer Saliva Test in your Homes

Update Date: Feb 15, 2016 05:25 PM EST

A saliva test that lasts all of 10 minutes can change the way cancer has been diagnosed over all these years. The scientists behind this breakthrough technology hope that it will be available within the next 4-years.

The test known as "liquid biopsy" will cost on £15 and can detect the presence of genetic molecule associated with the disease by using just a single drop of saliva. As of today, it can take up to 2-weeks for cancer tests and its diagnosis. However, through this process, diagnosis "can be done in a doctor's office while patients wait".

The saliva tests have so far proven near perfect, in terms of accuracy, on patients suffering with lung cancer. According to the professor who founded the test told Sky News that it can also be used to diagnose other diseases too.

Professor David Wong, from the University of California at Los Angeles, said: "One that comes to mind and is on our agenda is pancreatic cancer where one gene is mutated in 95% of patients ... currently there are no effective early screening capabilities for pancreatic cancer at all." He says that this new technology can be sold via pharmacies so that the patients can do the tests from the comforts of their home. "Down the road it might be possible to test for multiple cancers at the same time," Professor Wong added, as reported by Eagle Radio

The prototype of this product is already underway and is being tested in China as well as Continental Europe. "This technology is global. We're very enthusiastic and excited. The most important issue is performance and we have the capability," said Professor Wong.

"Early detection is crucial. Any time you gain in finding out that someone has a life-threatening cancer, the sooner the better," International Business Times reports

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