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Video: Whales Are 'Noisily' Affectionate

Update Date: Feb 15, 2016 03:06 PM EST

An amazing mother-child photograph was snapped by wildlife photographer Steven Hinczynski. You can see how a huge, humpback mother whale is hugging her baby in the picture, according to HNGN.

Baby whales are massive, of course----weighing a ton and measuring 10-15 feet when born.

Each year, the humpback whales coast around for 16,000 miles to feed in the poles and deliver their babies at the tropics. Hence, this is a much-travelled creature.

Although these whales were almost close to extinction at one point, they have been preserved thanks to the efforts of conservationists.

Whales are like humans, being extremely family-oriented. While they are courting, the male and female whales sing love songs to each other, just as in a Hollywood movie. They form lasting bonds with the baby whales too. The entire family is like a close-knit group, hugging and snuggling with each other.

Listen to their Hollywood-like numbers in the video below.


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