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Which Household Areas Need To Be Cleaned Regularly?

Update Date: Feb 15, 2016 02:16 AM EST

While you need to clean your home regularly, there are some items that fall in the everyday category, according to HNGN.

Firstly, do not forget to wash the hand or dish towels every day, as they contain too many germs, says a study published on Food Protection. They are used to wipe kitchen counters and other dirty receptacles, so see that they are washed and disinfected.

Disinfect the kitchen counter, where you not only prepare meals but set down your bag or other items when you enter the house. By disinfecting it regularly and keeping it free of grease and mould, you ensure a sparkle in the important part of the house.

Wash the used dishes, utensils and cookware regularly. Do not leave them overnight, as they can attract household pests and get more difficult to wash in the morning. If you don't like to handwash, then reach for the dishwasher. Moreover, leaving dirty dishes in the sink can even make you gain weight! The reason for that is simple. When you walk into a cluttered kitchen, you tend to feel stressed, and eat more junk in order to de-clutter your mind.

The coffee maker needs to be washed properly so that you do not allow the bacteria and mold on it to form. You need to wipe and dry it regularly so that the appliance does not get damaged.

Shower walls too tend to collect dirt, grime and bacteria. So clean them to prevent mildew stains. Learn some easy ways to clean your bathroom on HNGN.

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