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Suffering from Mild Stress? It can Help You Drop Weight, says Study

Update Date: Feb 12, 2016 11:27 AM EST

A new study discovered that little stress can increase the production of heat of brown fat due to increased cortisol levels. As per the latest findings, mild stress has been proven helpful in weight loss due to brown fat's main utility, create body heat by burning the calories.

For the purpose of the study, five lean and healthy female participants were asked to solve complicated math problems. In the other video, the participants were made to watch a stress-reliever video. The team of researchers analyzed the levels of cortisol in saliva of women participants. After this, the team analyzed the brown fat activity with the help of thermography, according to Tech Times

The findings reveal that while the test itself didn't make the participants feel stressful, the anxiety of sitting through a test triggered the cortisol levels and increased the fat-burning activity of the brown fats. "This is important as brown fat has a unique capacity to rapidly generate heat and metabolize glucose," said study co-author Professor Michael Symonds from the University of Nottingham's The School of Medicine, reports Eureka Alert

Symonds also added, "Our research indicates that the variation in brown fat activity between individuals may be explained by differences in their response to psychological stress. 'This is important as brown fat has a unique capacity to rapidly generate heat and metabolize glucose. 'Most adults only have between 50-100 g of brown fat but because its capacity to generate heat is 300 times greater than any other tissue, brown fat has the potential to rapidly metabolize glucose and lipids."

"There is an inverse relationship between the amount of brown fat and BMI, and whether this is a direct consequence of having more active fat remains to be fully established."

He added: "A better understanding of the main factors controlling brown fat activity, which include diet and activity, therefore has the potential to introduce sustainable interventions designed to prevent obesity and diabetes," as reported by Daily Mail

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