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Video Footage Shows ISIS Advanced In Weaponry, Heat-Seeking Bombs, Driverless Cars

Update Date: Jan 08, 2016 09:02 AM EST

There is some deadly technological advancement in the "Jihadi University". Video footage shows reverse engineering of outdated ammunition as well as the development of remote-controlled cars in the labs.

There are some worrying images that show their advanced weaponry. It includes heat-seeking surface-to-air missiles, a home-made thermal battery to be used in surface-to-air missile systems and recommissioning of numerous missiles once thought unusable. It can also target passenger and military aircraft, according to Fox News.

There are driverless car bombs, aircraft in European cities too. ISIS engineers remove steering columns from the steering wheel and embed remote control devices to steer the car, accelerate and brake it. There are even some mannequins that are self-driven and manoeuvre the cars filled with bombs.

Recruits from Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, Egypt and Pakistan are trained to use the labs around the earlier Equestrian Center at Raqqa, says a report by 

Worried and amazed at the expertise, Major Chris Hunter, a former Special Forces bomb technician, said that ISIS is leagues ahead in technical expertise compared to earlier terrorists, as they had "reverse engineered obsolete parts of ammunition into lethal weapons of destruction", according to Sky News.

"The trademark flag-waving masked gunmen I'd expected to see were replaced with clean-shaven, technically adept and highly trained weapons specialists giving expert tuition in how to turn obsolete munitions and ammunition into state-of-the-art weapon systems," Hunter said.

YouTube/Sky News 

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