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Remote-Controlled Robot May Defuse Suitcase Bombs

Update Date: Jan 07, 2016 11:10 AM EST

There is one remote-controlled robot that can examine and identify suitcase bombs.

Hence, researchers are developing a remote-controlled sensor system in order to check bombs and make it a safer process, according scienceworldreport.

So far, unidentified pieces of luggage in public places, stations or airports has got the bomb squad into action, worried that explosive devices may make the objects dangerous. A "system that could make it possible to assess the danger of the situation quickly and record 3D images of the contents and shape of the bag could be huge", so it has not been employed.

Hence, scientists have designed a system made up of "a multimodel sensor suite consisting of a millimeter wave scanner, a high-resolution digital camera, and a 3D environment monitoring system". All of them are parts of a housing mounted on a robot platform.

Hence, bomb disposal engineers control the robot remotely, while its swiveling 3D sensors make a three-dimensional survey of the scene. The millimeter wave sensor scans the root cause of danger and takes images of what is inside. The data is gathered and sent to the investigators.

"Up to now our techniques have not allowed us to form a 3D outline of suitcase bombs, and it has been impossible or only partially possible to make a spatial map of the contents," said Stefan A. Lang, team leader, in a news release. "With the sensor suite we can visualize in three dimensions what's inside a luggage item, and so determine the composition of the bomb and how the parts are arranged in the luggage."

The findings are helpful to make people understand the dangers and make the experts' work easier.

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