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Why Men Prefer "Dumb-Looking" and Sleepy Women for One-Night-Stands but Not for Marriage

Update Date: May 25, 2012 02:06 PM EDT

Generally, men are not heard saying they want their woman to be dumb. But it seems, they do want unintelligent and sleepy partners when it comes to having a fling.

A recent study conducted by Cari Goetz, a graduate student, and her team at the University of Texas at Austin focused on the so-called sexual exploitability hypothesis — the idea that men look for easy sex.

The study aimed at examining if a woman who appears vulnerable and dumb — more "sexually exploitable" — is more sexually appealing to men, when compared to alert and witty women.

In the study, the word "exploitable" is defined as an indication of being easily pressured into having sex, even if she is a prostitute or a nymphomaniac, reports The Times of India.

For the study, 76 male students were tested. The participants were presented with photographs of women partying with friends, dancing on the dance-floor, etc and were asked what they thought of each woman's overall attractiveness. They were also asked how easy they thought each woman was to be "exploited" either by seducing, or by using physical force. It appears that they rated vulnerable and dumb-looking women as attractive, but only for a one-night stand.

"Male participants rated photographs of women who displayed varying levels of cues to exploitability," say the researchers according to Mail Online. "We identified 22 cues indicative of sexual exploitability. Nineteen of these cues were correlated significantly with sexual attractiveness."

The "cues" also included traits of being sleepy, which meant they could be more easily exploited.

The possible explanation of the results of the study according to researchers is that men, who produce around 85 million sperm cells every day -- per testicle, hardly care about the consequences of a casual sexual encounter.

However, women on the other hand are more careful and alert, given that they are sensitive to pregnancy-related consequences of casual sex.

According to the study, men think that silly or childish-looking women are easy to 'score' with. They are perceived more attractive than intelligent women to pick up for a one-night stand. But when men were asked to judge the same silly-looking women as potential girlfriends or wives, they completely lost their appeal on them.

Also, a follow-up study suggests that not all men are sordid when it comes to getting laid. It suggests that more promiscuous men who lack personal empathy and warmth were the ones most attuned to female 'exploitability' cues, according to Medical Daily.

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