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Mars Curiosity Rover Reaches Martian Sand Dunes, Sends Images

Update Date: Dec 15, 2015 03:58 PM EST

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover at last has touched some intriguing sand dunes on Mars, and is investigating the dunes that are two stories tall.

The new findings  tell us all about the planet and will help us in future activities.

It has been working on Mars since August 2012. It has crossed the Red Planet and is sending information to the scientists who are probing it at NASA.

On 2014, it landed on the base of Mount Sharp, having successfully investigated outcrops near the landing site, and then moving to the mountains. It is now focused on examining the successively higher layers of Mount Sharp.

Curiosity is studying "Bagnold Dunes" on the northwestern flank of Mount Sharp inside Gale Crater. This dune field from the orbit shows that the edges of the dunes shift by three feet per year.

The Curiosity rover will be scooping a sample of the dune material and investigating it for analysis at its online lab.

You can check out more about the Curiosity mission by visiting NASA's website.

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