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Scientists Replicate a 3D Image for the First Time of How Dolphins See Us

Update Date: Dec 10, 2015 08:52 AM EST

You may have never thought about this but dolphins also see people. This is a surprising revelation that they are able to see the divers that dive along with them. This is the first time that the scientists have been able to replicate what the dolphins saw when they met a diver. The released images show that the the echolocation results of a dolphin are fairly detailed. As per the findings, the dolphins are able to see the divers nearby and then communicate this information with fellow dolphins in their marine mammal language, according to Discovery News. "We now think it is safe to speculate that dolphins may employ a 'sono-pictorial' form of language, a language of pictures that they share with each other. If that proves to be true, an exciting future lies ahead for inter species communications," said Jack Kassewitz, the search team leader.

The research was conducted at the Dolphin Discovery Center in Puerto Aventuras in Mexico. The results came up via the echolocation beam that was aimed at the diver and used sophisticated audio equipment to record the signal according to Mashable. "We employed a similar technique in 2012 to capture a dolphin's echolocation picture of a flowerpot and several other submerged plastic objects, but the present research has confirmed that result and so much more," said Kassewitz.

The results reveal how the the dolphins are able to sense more than just the shadow of the object that is floating in their space. With the help of echolocation, they are also able to determine the surface feature, according to Independent. Acoustics physicist Dr John Stuart Reid, from Keswick, who heads the CymaScope team, said: "When I received the recording Jack had told me only that it might contain an echolocation reflection from someone's face. I noticed the file name 'Jim' so I assumed that the image, if it existed within the file, would be that of a man's face.

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