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Dogs Increase Male Sex Appeal, Study

Update Date: Nov 23, 2015 10:27 AM EST

Now those of you guys who want to become more appealing to the opposite sex can try a simple trick. Buy a dog.

In a recent survey of 1,210 clients of, it was found that a third of women and a quarter of men could get lured just by a man's pets---mostly dogs.

It's a cool "date bait", actually! About one in five men use dogs to get their dates, according to The Daily Mail.

A dog therefore can make you much sexier---more than a cat, which doesn't have such a good reputation. In fact, if you own a bird, a rabbit or a reptile, you can still score high with your date.

Moreover, three quarters of the females questioned didn't like men who didn't like pets! Men who were fond of dogs were found "approachable" as well as "patient, kind, alpha personalities" who are also wonderful fathers, which is what women look for---whether they have decided to have a family or not.

Rescue dogs get more votes than purchased dogs.

In fact, if you want to be a great online dater, then include a dog in your online profile picture. The online Photofeeler  in a survey found that the man with the dog is the man who gets the girl as well.

Its survey showed that a man without a dog fell in three categories. The 'smart' kind, getting a 5 percent, 'trustworthy' with an 8 percent, and 'attractive' with a 10 percent. However, with a dog in the picture, the man was scored 'smart' at 29 percent. He was also 50 percent 'trustworthy' and 33 percent 'attractive'.

So there you are. You too can become a ladies killer---if you are a man with a dog.

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