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Hershey Co. Fulfills Promise to take out Artificial Flavoring from its Kisses and Bars

Update Date: Nov 18, 2015 11:38 AM EST

Hershey's Kisses and Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars are going to be better for you!

The Hershey Co. announced that it has been manufacturing its signature chocolate kisses with simpler ingredients. Now, instead of using an artificial flavor, the candy company has been manufacturing their kisses and bars with real vanilla flavoring.

"People want to see ingredients that they know and are familiar with in their foods, and we're listening," said Hershey Co. VP Mary-Ann Somers reported by PIX 11.

The packaging will reflect the changes by including the word, "natural flavor" on the list of ingredients. Prior to the change, Hershey Co. used vanillin, which is an artificial ingredient that tastes like vanilla.

On top of removing vanillin, Hershey Co. is in the process of removing two more ingredients: lactose, which is a type of sugar that can be found in milk, from the kisses and bars, and PGPR from the bars. PGPR is an ingredient that makes the chocolate more free-flowing in the manufacturing plant. Instead of using PGPR, the company will incorporate more cocoa to achieve the same texture. Hershey's kisses already do not contain PGPR.

"We started making our great-tasting chocolate in 1894 with ingredients you might find in your pantry, like cocoa, milk, sugar and vanilla, and we're continuing that tradition today," Somers added.

Hershey Co. first announced that it was simplifying its chocolate products back in February. At that time, the company stated that it could take years to remove these ingredients and replace them with better ones. The company also promised to provide more information on the ingredients that were going into their chocolates.

"There is a growing expectation for companies to provide more transparency about all that goes into their products and we're at the forefront," Somer said.

Numerous companies have made a move toward more natural and better-for-you ingredients. For example, Burger King and Taco Bell promised to switch to cage-free eggs.

Some of the newer versions of Hershey Co.'s chocolates have already hit stores throughout the country.

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