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Brain's 'Ventral Pallidum' Cravings Make Us Long For Sex, Drugs And Chocolate

Update Date: Nov 13, 2015 11:22 AM EST

There is one part of your brain that makes you die for "carnal pleasures, like sex, drugs and chocolate", according to The Daily Mail. A Dartmouth study explains that the root cause is the ventral pallidum, which scientists believe "spurs habitual behavior by associating cues with rewards."

Hence, the study is focused on studying this area of the brain so that they can also study the source of addictions.

Using rats for their study, they powered receptors in their brains that could reduce the effect of the ventral pallidum, according to Science Daily.

"'Although we have a sense of what brain circuits mediate reward, less is known about the neural circuitry underlying the transfer of value to cues associated with rewards," said the study's lead author, Stephen Chang.

Hence, there are cues in the brain that are linking what we are able to see with the reward we can get from it, just like we are able to view an advertisement and crave for it even if we are not hungry, according to EurekAlert.

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