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Looks Like You Don't Drink Enough---Water

Update Date: Nov 06, 2015 10:19 AM EST

You need water to drink---lots of it. And you always knew that, of course! Then why don't you?

What makes you look as if you could use more of this humble and overlooked resource to keep you healthy? What makes it obvious that you need to drink more water? Here are a few symptoms, accordinig to HNGN.

Your mouth turns dry, to begin with, especially if you are female, and old---mostly due to medications. Water can help you to lubricate the membranes of your mouth and trigger off saliva production. If your mouth is feeling dry and leached out, do not look for juice or soda, but just reach for plain water.

Next, it's your skin that's dry. If you drink lots of water, you can keep your blood flowing to your skin, according to a study published in the National Institutes of Health. By drinking less water, the skin does not get hydrated but gets dry, which might cause breakouts, dry or acne-prone skin.

Your muscles and joints too could be taking the strain. As water contains electrolytes nourishing cartilage, it also helps to ease sore muscles after you go through a lot of physical activity.

If you drink less water, your body could suffer from lethargy, fatigue and headache, as it slows down the flow of blood and oxygen to your veins, which in turn makes you tired out. With dehydration, a headache is the next step, so make sure you drink plenty of the life-giving liquid.

"Many of my patients do not drink enough fluid each day and only believe they are dehydrated when they start to feel thirsty," said Dr. Roger Henderson of the Natural Hydration Council via Daily Mail. "Yet other symptoms of dehydration appear before this, including fatigue and tiredness, headaches and poor concentration."

Moreover, keep your stomach and intestines working well by drinking enough water. Reduce your indigestion, heartburn and constipation by tanking yourself up with loads of water and a fibre-rich diet.

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