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6 Health Dangers of Staying at Other People’s Homes

Update Date: Nov 19, 2014 02:58 PM EST

Even though staying at other people's homes can help you save money, there are some health risks involved. Here are the top six things that can hurt you.

1. Cold and flu germs

Not everyone wipes down their doorknobs, countertops and tables with disinfectant, which means that you can end up coming in contact with bacteria and viruses. To reduce your risk, bring travel-sized disinfectant wipes or sprays to clean up areas that you people frequently touch. Also remember to wash your hands with soap.

2. Kitchen-related germs

The kitchen can get germy very fast due to raw produce. When you are staying at other peoples' homes, it can be difficult to control how clean your food is. If you see that your hosts are not preparing certain foods in the safest way, you can claim some kind of food restriction to avoid offending them. You can even offer to cook as gratitude.

3. Available foods

Whenever you are eating other people's food, always check the expiration dates. For perishable items, remember to look for signs of contamination, such as mold.

4. Allergens

If you are prone to allergies, try to bring your own towels and sheets. Even though that might not be ideal, carrying around extra luggage beats suffering from an allergic reaction.

5. Bed bugs

Bedbug infestations are more common than you might believe. According to the National Pest Management Association, one in five Americans has dealt with a bedbug infestation personally or knew of someone who did. The next time you stay at someone else's home, check the mattress for any signs, such as blood stains or small black dots. The bugs can also be detected with the human eye.

6. Slipping or tripping hazards

When staying at people's house, make you acquaint yourself with the house's furniture and set up. By identifying where things are, you can lower your chances of tripping and falling, especially if you have to make nighttime runs to the bathroom.

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