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10 Eating Rules You Should Follow

Update Date: Nov 19, 2014 11:24 AM EST

With so many different kinds of diets out there that claim to be effective and healthy, adopting a healthy lifestyle can be daunting for some. Instead of trying to follow every diet plan to the tee, here are 10 tips that can help you adjust your eating habits for the better.

1. Start off with breakfast

The belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has been debated endlessly. Some experts have found evidence that a healthy breakfast packed with fiber and protein can speed up the body's metabolism and prevent headaches caused by hunger. However, other researchers have concluded that for people who are not big breakfast eaters, skipping this meal did not harm their health. Therefore, instead of trying to get everyone to eat breakfast, experts recommend those who are already eating breakfast to make sure that they are eating a healthy one.

2. Limit fast food

Although fast food might be easy, cheap and delicious, it is not good for your health. Many of the options at fast food restaurants are packed with fat, calories, sugar and salt. Even the healthier options tend to be sold in huge portions that can make them unhealthy. To improve overall health, try to limit fast food intake.

3. Eat real food

Try to pick real food over processed options. Many of the pre-packaged foods that you find in the grocery stores will have a long list of ingredients. To avoid all the extra preservatives and add-ons, make your own snacks and meals using real ingredients.

4. Listen to your stomach

When it comes to delicious foods, many people have the problem of overeating, which can lead to obesity and other health problems. In order to prevent unwanted weight gain, eat only when your body tells you to.

5. Eat more veggies

Even though people know that vegetables are extremely healthy, their vegetable consumption levels continue to be lower than ideal. Try to incorporate vegetables into every meal. In addition, when putting together a plate, grab a larger portion of vegetables and smaller portions of everything else.

6. Drink water

Our bodies are predominately made up of water. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is vital.

7. Don't skip meals

Skipping meals can increase your hunger down the line, increasing your chances of overeating or reaching for unhealthy snacks. Skipping meals can also slow down your metabolism. If you are not hungry, instead of skipping an entire meal, snack on something small yet fulfilling.

8. Snack only when needed

Several diets will recommend snacking throughout the day. Even though snacking can stave off hunger, you should really only snack when your body is hungry. If your lunch can hold you over till dinner, skip the snack.

9. Skip soda

Sugar sweetened beverages, such as soda, is bad for the body. You will be better off cutting out these options completely.

10. Indulging from time to time is okay

Letting yourself indulge from time to time is okay. Completely cutting off everything "bad" food from your diet can make healthy eating tiresome and boring, which can cause you to fall off the wagon.

These are just 10 tips that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. When starting any kind of diet, always remember to listen to your body.

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