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Packaged Foods That You Should Avoid Eating

Update Date: Nov 11, 2014 10:03 AM EST

Packaged food certainly help in time-management but they are full of other hidden ingredients that can pose serious health problems if consumed in the long-term. Here are some of the packaged food that you might want to avoid:


Biscuits contain refined flour, which has toxic effects. However, more scarier is the high levels of edible vegetable oil in these baked cookies. One thing to note in mind is that while most products scream no sugar (they mean no white sugar), the still add glucose and fructose.


Label on muesli might say that it doesn't contain added sugar, but the sugar rush one gets from the various syrups added to make this a scrumptious breakfast might be one of your hyper-activeness. 

Muesli also contains soy lecithin - a byproduct of the soybean oil production - which causes change in weight, loss of appetite, occasional nausea, dizziness, vomiting and confusion. 

Ready to eat meals

Ready-to-eat  meals are full of hydrated vegetables which are nutrient-empty. They only contain fibre and calories, and even worse, the process of reheating the vegetable kills all the micronutrients left in the food. Also, it is impossible to preserve food for 12 monts if they haven't added any additives or chemicals. 

Packaged soups

Packaged soups contain toxic coloring agents which put the kidney and liver into overdrive. The overdrive is because these organs have to work extra hard to wash away chemicals from the system and make them safe for the body. The overworked liver, as a result is unable to do its regular job. 

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