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10 Different Types of People who can Derail your Diet

Update Date: Oct 22, 2014 03:01 PM EDT

Diets can be hard and tiresome. Many people who start a diet end up quitting before achieving their weight loss goals. However, just because you failed at your diet, it does not mean that shedding weight is impossible. Instead, the next time you diet, be more aware of your surroundings. Oftentimes, the people you hang out with can have a huge impact on your diet plans.

Here are 10 different types of people that can derail your diet:

1. The insecure partner

The presence of an insecure partner can negatively affect your diet. People who are insecure about their weight might seek overweight partners in order to feel secure in a relationship. Once one partner decides to lose weight, the change could negatively impact the insecure partner, who might start to do subtle things that could hurt a diet. For example, if a husband is uncomfortable with his wife's weight loss plans, he might purposely order foods that can tempt his wife to break her diet.

If you feel like your partner is being unsupportive, have a conversation with him/her. Let your partner know that your weight loss will not affect your relationship.

2. The food critic

In almost every group, there might be the one self-proclaimed food critic who likes to read reviews and find out what the most raved about dishes are from different restaurants. Even though having a food critic in a group can be helpful since she or he will know what the best options are, oftentimes, the food critic can persuade you to fall off of your diet. For example, the food critic might push you to get the restaurant's most popular meal even though the meal does not fall into your diet plans.

Try your hardest to avoid succumbing to peer pressure. Just because a particular meal was considered to be the most popular by other restaurant goers, it does not mean you have to order it.

3. The sports fans

Chicken wings, pizza and beer are typical foods you might find at a sports bar or party. However, these foods are definitely not good for your diet. Even though your friends might not be forcing food down your throat, having these options displayed can be tempting enough.

When attending a sports party, try bringing your own snacks or eat beforehand.

4. The workout partner

Ironically, your workout partner can lead you astray. When working out with a buddy, you risk doing everything together, ranging from using the same workout machines to eating the same after-workout snacks. However, since metabolisms differ, it might not be smart for you to follow what your buddy eats.

The next time your workout buddy orders a protein shake or grabs an energy bar, considering looking at the nutritional values first.

5. The family member that takes it personally

There are family members who might take it personally if you do not eat something they made. These relatives do not care that their foods do not fall within the perimeters of your diet and they might end up being offended, which can strain your relationship.

In order to please them and yourself, take very small portions and verbally express how much you enjoyed the meal.

6. The bar hopper

Barhopping can be a very fun, social event. As you make your way through different bars, the cocktail and beer list might start to lure you into having one or a few drinks. Many of these drinks will most likely have a lot calories and sugar, which can definitely ruin your diet.

Try hanging out with your friends at different locations.

7. Your BFF

Your best friend can either hurt or help you with your diet. Some best friends might go to extremes and help you avoid all kinds of bad foods. Other kinds of best friends, however, might use food to console you when you are down. These foods, such as ice cream and cake, are often high in fat and sugar.

Tell your best friend about your diet goals. Being your best friend, he or she should be understanding.

8. The client

If you work with clients, chances are you will have business lunches or dinners. Anytime you eat out at restaurants, chances are that you will end up consuming more calories than you want.

Since you cannot get out of these meals, try picking healthy but hearty food options. Eating a healthy snack before a meal can also lower your chances of overeating.

9. The baker

Whether you have a baker in your social group or at work, any kind of baked goods can be extremely tempting.

Instead of eating a slice of cake or cookies every time that person bakes, try to decline politely and tell them that you are watching your weight.

10. Overweight friend

Having an overweight friend who is not dieting can hurt your diet. A recent study found that people with an overweight friend who became obese were more likely to gain weight alongside their friend.

When you are eating out with your friends, remember to stay on track and avoid ordering too much food or sharing appetizers or desserts that might be fattening.

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