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Four Tips To Help You Sleep Like a Baby

Update Date: Oct 17, 2014 08:15 AM EDT

These days, sleeping disorders are commonplace. There's so much stress and people are hard-pressed for time, they rarely manage time to relax. 

Like balanced diet and exercise, sleep is also an important factor that ensures your health. Here are some ways to get a good night's sleep: 

Sleep at a fixed time

Make a routine for sleeping and stick to that. This doesn't mean just going to bed at the same time, but actually falling asleep that time. 

Wake up at the same time

Just like you sleep at a fixed time, you should also wake up at the same time everyday. If you are getting a good sleep, you wont find the need of an alarm. It might be hard, but try to maintain the same routine over the weekend as well. 

De-clutter your bed

Apart from a pillow, and blankets, do not keep anything on the bed. The number of items on your bed are also responsible for the quality of your sleep. 

Sleep in a dark room

Ensure that the place where you sleep is a dark room. If you're someone who needs to have a light on at night, break this habit, and switch on a night bulb in another room instead. 

And avoid caffeine as much as you can, as it tends to mess with your sleep cycle. 

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