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Company Debuts Wearable Baby Monitors

Update Date: Aug 11, 2014 10:52 AM EDT

Sproutling debuted a new wearable baby monitor that can make life easier for new moms and dads. According to the company, the monitor, which can be worn on the baby's ankle, is capable of learning and predicting the baby's awake and sleeping behaviors.

The baby monitoring system is made up of three parts, which are a wearable band that can be securely fitted to the baby's ankle, a wireless smart charger and a mobile app. The system mainly works through the band. When the band is placed onto the baby's ankle, the sensor will start collecting information, such as heart rate, temperature on the surface of the skin, motion and position. After enough data are stored, the band will customize itself according to the baby's habits and measurements.

Once the customization is complete, the band will be able to detect abnormal measurements. For example, the band will calculate the baby's heart rate and determine the baby's normal heart rate. If a heart rate reading is nowhere near the normal rate, the band will alert the parents via the mobile app. The mobile app can also predict baby's moods and behaviors based on the patterns that the app picks up. For example, the app can predict when a baby will wake up from a nap. It can also inform parents when the baby rolls over, which can be a dangerous sleeping position for infants that cannot roll back off of their stomachs on their own. The wireless charging dish comes with a sensor that can record the room's temperature and ambient noise.

Sproutling was started by Chris Bruce and Mathew Spolin in 2012. Both of the entrepreneurs were young parents and wanted to create devices that can make their lives easier while still keeping the baby's well-being as the top priority. The company stated that data collection would be collected anonymously after the parents give permission. The information will be used to find ways to improve the product.

"We're not about presenting that wall of data," stated Spolin according to TIME. "We show you an animation so you can look at this at four in the morning without glasses or contacts and know, it's green, everything's good."

The baby-monitoring band can be pre-ordered for $249. The first batch will be shipped in early 2015. When the band hits the market, it will retail at $299.

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