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Seven Signs He Sees You As "Wife Material"

Update Date: Jul 31, 2014 07:07 PM EDT

"When is he going to pop the question?" is something almost all unmarried, "single" ladies ask themselves. However, the more important question women worldwide should be asking is "Does he think I'm the one?"  To help you answer that question, we've complied seven foolproof signs that he sees you as his future wife.

1. He Enjoys Cleaning, Cooking and Grocery Shopping With You

This is a big one, especially if you don't live with your boyfriend. Showing that he enjoys being domestic with you means that he sees your home as his home and feels responsible of taking care of household chores.

2. He Considers You When Making Major Life Decisions

You should be the first to know if he's thinking about moving to another place, getting a new job or travelling for self-exploration. Men don't organize their lives around women they think are great in bed- they do it for those they value and prioritize. If he's turning down jobs in another city, and arranging his life around you, it's a pretty strong sign that he sees you as a lifelong partner.

3. He Doesn't Hesitate to Make Long-Term Plans With You

Here's another planning/decision-making sign. People hate breaking promises; so if he wants to buy a house, adopt a dog or book a vacation with you six months in advance, know that he assumes that you guys will be together for a while.

4. His Place, Your Place Becomes "Home"

When you and your boyfriend refer to each other's places as "home" it gets a little confusing, especially when you guys are trying to meet up after work. However, referring to his or your place as "home" instead of "your place" and "my place," means that he believes that his things are your things, and vice versa. After all, home is where the heart is.

5. He Doesn't Need to Invite You to Family Gatherings

This is a huge sign. Being expected to be at his family gatherings means that he and his relatives already feel like you and him are a single entity. If his family assume you're showing up to their annual ski trip, and are disappointed if you can't make it- assume that you're already part of the family.

6. He Motivates You and Encourages You to Achieve your Aspirations

Men want their lifelong partner to grow and accomplish goals. After all, when you're happy, he's happy, and your goals are just as significant as his goals. Besides, having a sad partner for life is torture.

7. He Muses About You Being His Baby Mama

Having children is a lifelong investment. So, if he's musing about "our kids," how many "we should have" or whether their names should be "Harry" or "Sally," assume that he can see you as the mother of his children. Remember parenting is a lifelong investment. 

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